Individual Therapy

416117755Life is full of unexpected challenges and trials.

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious is common even when situations around you seem to be going well.

Perhaps you want to explore new options or yourself. You might want to make changes or set goals that meet your needs.

Maybe you face some transitions with work, family, or lifestyle. There may be thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck.

Many areas of life constantly demand your attention, which can feel like a lot to handle.

Take a deep breath and know you’re not alone.

You don’t have to stay stuck in the pain of past experiences, putting forward a strong front while feeling like you’re barely staying afloat.

It is possible to get past the need to live, constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up. Having an honest conversation about your thoughts is difficult, even in relationships with those you love.

And you don’t need to spend one more day of your life not headed in the direction of your dreams.

Together, we can work to resolve the problems you face and meet those demands more positively.

2132095701Dealing with those demands is where individual therapy can help.

Individual therapy allows you to collaborate with a licensed mental health professional to create the meaningful change you desire for your life.

In individual therapy, you can slow down, focus on yourself, discover the strengths you didn’t even know existed, and grow in ways you never would have expected.

We will work together through individual therapy in the areas you want to address. I genuinely believe you are unique and have expert knowledge about your life.

Working together, we will develop a trusting connection, create meaningful goals for you, and personalize treatment to meet your needs and desires. Contact me today and start meeting those challenges and demands.