Perinatal Mental Health

2123160332You can thrive through your pregnancy and beyond.

Nest Counseling Center can support planning, pregnancy, postpartum concerns, and parenting.

You probably expected things like pregnancy and new parenthood to be exciting and happy times. But many challenges can arise during these life transitions.

Those challenges can occur during pregnancy or postpartum, involving emotional and physical changes.

Since we often fail to discuss those challenges, it can leave you feeling alone and unsure of how to process your range of thoughts and emotions.

It’s not just you. And you are not alone.

Many, if not most, mothers have questions about pregnancy and postpartum-related physical changes and fluctuating moods. Some of those concerns involve pregnancy, birth, or postpartum fears.

In addition to concerns, many expecting mothers wish to develop ways of physically, emotionally, and spiritually caring for themselves during this time.

Perinatal mental health supports women during and after pregnancy to make this transition easier. This type of support is essential for those struggling with their pregnancy or striving to adjust to being a new parent.

Perinatal Img 2I’m here to support you through this stage of life.

If you are unsure what you are going through is normal, you might feel better by reaching out.

You may get some initial relief from just one phone call. I can help you decide if you should come for further evaluation and support.

If you are so overwhelmed that adding therapy to your full plate isn’t possible, remember that therapy can help you minimize those feelings and decrease depression and anxiety with resources and clinical skills. If getting out of the house is too much of a barrier, consider teletherapy.

Everyone can benefit from an outside perspective. A therapist comes with a different understanding that your friends and family may not have. Therapy might be where you need to express yourself freely and without judgment.

I have additional training in perinatal mental health, and I am ready to help you thrive through your pregnancy, postpartum, and new parenthood.