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Life feels unmanageable lately.

Every task or decision feels bigger and scarier than it is.

You’ve tried so hard to “check all the boxes” on your list of what makes a “good life.”

But even when things are good, they don’t feel good enough.

There are never enough hours in the day.

Your to-do list is growing faster than you can cross things off it.

When you think about all of your responsibilities, you become overwhelmed by guilt and anger.

And you have trouble focusing on any task for very long.

You prioritize other people’s needs above your own.

Everything you do is for the benefit of someone else.

It’s always been important to you to please others.

But in the process, you’ve been neglecting what you need.

It’s like you’re losing a part of yourself.

All the things that used to bring you joy have become a bore.

You remember a time when you had hope for the future, but that feels long ago.

Not only are you unsure of what you want out of life, you’re not even sure you deserve to get it.

There is another way.

Life doesn’t have to feel like this.

Give yourself permission to finally heal those parts of
you that have been ignored for too long.

It’s time to reclaim your joy. Therapy can help.

Hi, I’m Amanda.

And I’m so happy you’re here!

All are welcome at Nest Counseling Center, and I am an LGBTQIA+ affirming and antiracist counselor.

I provide a safe, warm, and judgment-free space for individuals and couples to heal and grow.

You are the expert in your own life. So, we’ll work together to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, informed by strategies of attachment theory and EMDR.

With newly developed self-compassion, you will learn to let go of negative beliefs and accept all parts of yourself.

I can’t wait to help you embrace who you are, rediscover your path forward in life, and understand what brings you joy.

Don’t waste another moment settling for less. Call now and take the first step on your journey.

What I Offer

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You deserve more!

Build and strengthen the connection
with yourself and those around you.

You don’t have to do this alone