(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

2208279959Life remains in repeat mode – not in a good way.

It might feel like you are stuck on repeat, even though you know that you would like things to be different.

Maybe you even feel like you have discovered those past experiences that impacted you and continue to hold you back. Perhaps, you have even explored those experiences and talked them through with a therapist.

Even though you know that what is happening now is not the same as what happened then, something takes you back to that moment. You find yourself feeling the same anxiety, fear, or sadness and responding with the same patterns.

Maybe something happened to you recently that brought those old feelings back to the surface – like a disturbing event, a loss, or an emotionally challenging situation. Since this experience, you have had difficulty feeling like yourself again.

Unresolved trauma can rule your life.

Some traumatic experiences can reoccur as current events trigger those same feelings previously experienced – and trauma has a way of impacting your life.

In relationships, you might find yourself repeating the same patterns. Maybe you find yourself extra-sensitive when you feel unheard. Or you cannot speak your mind and express your true feelings with those closest to you.

Memories of that experience can become intrusive, creating the inability to sleep, staying on guard all the time, creating mood swings, or other forms of emotional upheaval.

2030764514Seek resolution of trauma through therapy.

It is never too late to experience healing from trauma and other emotional wounds.

EMDR therapy can help our brains and bodies heal by identifying a network of memories that, over time, have created images, physical sensations, emotions, and beliefs that cause distress. This approach can help you replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, helping you live in the present without fear of the past.

We can work together, using EMDR therapy, allowing your brain and body to move through these painful memories so they are no longer stuck in time but become integrated into your experiences.

In my experience, EMDR can help reprocess trauma and speed healing. Don’t keep reliving those past experiences; start moving forward to the life you deserve. I am here to help you make that transition come true.